Bajirao Mastani

Saw Bajirao Mastani today, not bad. I thought it would be Ram Leela II, but it wasn’t. The setting is more serious this time, and isn’t about “Mere chhati pe baal hain aur tere nahin” or exchanging porn CDs.

Ranveer showed a different side to his skills, and suited the role really well. Deepika looked beautiful, acted well too. Priyanka is a gem. There’s also the song that is identical to Dola Re from Devdas, skipped watching it.

Was looking to get out of the theatre after the interval, just as I had done during Ram Leela, but then continued till the end. Wasn’t disappointed.

Particularly loved the song ‘Deewani Mastani’.

Does the fact that Ranveer and Deepika are a couple conveniently spice the movie up further? May be.


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