How do you measure impact?

The quality of one’s life has to be measured in terms of the impact a person has had over the course of his/her journey.  But how do you measure impact itself?

Speaking of businesses, does it come down to the number of likes on social media, the amount of money you made from your business, the number of employees you have, or just the number of people you have helped? If the number of people you have helped is significant, then it begs asking if you have helped all those people significantly, for several trivial contributions amount to nothing.

On to personal life – what defines a quality personal life?  Travel around the world? Great sex – with the same person or different people? Great understanding and companionship with friends and lover(s)? Or again, the quality of your help to a multitude of people?

Or is it just being yourself every moment of your life, not fearing anything?

What do you think? What are the ingredients of a meaningful life for you?

Plot twist – what if you don’t want a meaningful life?

Let me know in the comments.



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