What is the most awesome job?

Life without work? Not possible. We need to do something for others in lieu of getting what we need and want, and as a result, be able to have a better life.

So what is it – CEO of a multinational, multi-millionaire company? Or a position as a top political world leader? Or being the most renowned chef in the world? Astronaut, anyone?

The job I think is most awesome is world travel – meeting diverse people across countries and cultures and experiencing thought processes, lifestyles and opinions on topics all and sundry. Not to mention sharing an inappropriate joke or two.

The best job, in hindsight, is no job at all. Better put, it is a job that doesn’t make you feel like waiting that extra fifteen minutes to get up on a Monday morning – a job that lets you express yourself to your best.

Your most awesome job or a differing opinion, in the comments please!

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