Why I like Priyanka Chopra

Bareilly – a city that jumped to limelight just because a 1970s song mentioned it found itself having little to boast of ever since.

That was until Priyanka Chopra, or Chop-ruh, came along.

Hailing from where she does, this woman possesses the swag of a generation. From her humble beginnings, to holding her own in movies with Akshay Kumar, to winning the Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Negative Role for Aitraaz, to losing her father, her journey has been far from easy.

Yes, she does put on an accent sometimes, but that’s okay. I believe she simply follows the dictum “When in Rome..”, you get the rest.

While I sometimes get critical of her recent spew of interviews with prime-time U.S. TV shows where I wonder what she has done other than star in a series that she can’t stop raving about, I realise her impact has been bigger than most, since she has been one of the only few Indians to portray both herself and her country in such a vibrant, confident, colourful way.

And of course it is obvious she has always been setting the floor on fire with her demeanour wherever she walks.

What more do you want from a woman, eh?

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